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8669Re: Long time since version 0.5.0

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  • marciobenisti
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Ryan, you message was really interesting. Now it's easier to
      understand the development of the new yahoo mail.

      Actually, I think the beta is pretty cool and I use it all the time.
      I'm a paid costumer on farm 308. But as everybody, I can't wait to
      see the product ready, with all the basic features working quite


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Ryan Kennedy <rckenned@...> wrote:
      > Sorry it took me a while to respond to this. I actually started a
      response shortly after I received it, but I wanted to make sure I
      took my time responding to it. I think there are some good
      questions/points here.
      > > It's been a long time since version 0.5.0 was introduced to some
      > Maybe your farm...however, we've been rolling it out to the
      hundreds of other farms for a little while now. That's easily
      evidenced by the email sent by James today indicating that he had
      just been upgraded to 0.5.0.
      > It's only been about a month and a half since we rolled 0.5.0 to
      our first farms (including farm 308). We let it "bake" on those farms
      for a little while before giving the all clear to start pushing it to
      the rest of the system. During that time we've been working on the
      next release. So it's not like we're sitting on our hands, doing
      > > As I keep saying, the development of Yahoo Mail is really slow.
      > What are you comparing us to when you say we're slow? I've actually
      been pretty happy with the frequency of releases on our end.
      > > The options menu and the move and the view buttons are almost
      > > forgotten...
      > They're not forgotten. We're like elephants, we never forget. ;)
      > > And the error messages ?? And the speed improvements ??
      > Speed improvements are being worked on. We released some in the
      0.5.0 build. We have a lot more coming. That's actually be one thing
      I've been heavily focused on since the last release. We've been
      having weekly meetings involving the frontend team and the backend
      team where we discuss our findings and start tackling things. So far,
      I think it's been very successful. This current release that we're
      working on has definitely had more time spent focusing on the speed
      than any other release.
      > As for error messages, what are you looking for? Less of them? More
      descriptive error messages?
      > > Not to mention the innumerous different builds running in the
      farms !
      > We have thousands of machines running Yahoo! Mail. There's little
      we can do about this. We roll the software out over time to make sure
      everything appears to be functioning well before moving onto the next
      set of machines. If you think the software running on the farms
      varies, you should see the hardware (imagine a system built over a
      span of 10 years, the hardware is going to vary considerably).
      There's other business reasons why some farms run different versions
      of the software as well, mostly having to do with the account types
      hosted on those farms.
      > > Well, the point is: the new Yahoo Mail is really far from being
      > > concluded. Don't you agree ?
      > Well...it's a web application. I don't believe web applications are
      ever concluded. That's the beauty of the web, constant updates. If
      you buy a box of software, you might get updates from the
      manufacturer. If you use a web application, as long as the company
      doesn't go out of business, you're almost assured constant updates.
      And guess what, on the web you (usually) don't even have to pay for
      the next version. ;)
      > If you meant that we have some incomplete features, I also agree.
      Mail options clearly isn't done yet (you can't configure things like
      filters or external accounts without going back to Classic). Those
      things are all being worked on, even if it isn't readily aparent yet.
      > Ryan Kennedy
      > Yahoo! Mail
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