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8133Re: Calendar Email Reminders - Better Late Than Never ????

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  • greg.pruitt
    Jan 4, 2007
      The appt was for 6:30PM. The email says it was sent at 7:00:22PM
      (again - did not show up in mailbox till following morning).

      My settings are for it to notify me 15 minutes prior to start of

      I have enabled the mobile alert - so let the race begin...


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Liz Yumrutepe <polishsiren@...> wrote:
      > Greg, have you checked at what time the reminder was sent? it
      could be that the server that is used or the address being used is a
      central address sort of like a global address which can be caught
      like spam and delayed by some isp's ... do a test, set up a reminder
      to come by a mobil alert and via email and see what happens, they
      come by differant methods... my reminders by email are right on the
      money with time I have never had a delay on classic or on beta ever,
      you may also want to add a filter for the reminder to your inbox see
      if that corrects it and add to your address book <-- wont hurt
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