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8073Re: [Y-Mail] HEY yahoo MAIL TEAM

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  • Sasafrass
    Dec 28, 2006
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      Here we go again.... This stops NOW. I will no longer approve these
      messages, & I will ban every ID you send this message with. I ask the
      other mods to do the same. You have posted the exact same message
      several times but with different IDs & farm numbers. Don't think that no
      one has noticed, because I certainly have. The "error code 1" issue has
      apparently been resolved, since there haven't been any legitimate
      complaints about it with the latest build of the 4.0 branch, so now
      you're saying "error xxx"? Give me a break. If you think you're a smart
      spammer, I have a bridge to sell you.....

      IM me! Sasafrass452(Yahoo)

      hit_the_spot_w0w wrote:
      > My Yahoo ID hit_the_spot_ w0w on server f_625 is having error xxx.
      > Please look into getting that server fix or migrate my account to
      > another server.
      > Thank you,

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