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  • Jim Wissick
    Dec 5, 2006
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      I have to agree. I think it doesn't do anything except make you feel
      good when you push that button. THe lastest flood of "soandso
      wrote:" spam and it not correcting messages marked safe in future
      sends makes me think that.


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "misterblue" <misterblue@...> wrote:
      > One problem I have with this 'training' is that it is invisible to
      > What is it really doing? Is it adding the source to some black list?
      > Is it training some word filter? Can I see what it is doing?
      > I wish the spam filtering was more opaque. My solution would have
      > on the emails (insert request for email tags). When Yahoo's external
      > spam filter thought it was spam, it would add and "Y-ProbablySpam"
      > tag. Then the SpamBlocker feature is just a default rule to move
      > anything with that tag into BulkMail.
      > This would also allow incremental additions (like if the sender was
      > your address book, "Y-InAddressBook" would be added) or creation of
      > user white lists, ...
      > If properly done, experts would have all of these fine grained
      > controls to tweek and use while people who didn't want to fool with
      > would just turn on SpamBlocker and it would 'do the right thing'.
      > Is there a discussion about Yahoo Mail design? I have some thoughts.
      > -- MB
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