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7429Re: [Y-Mail] Spam filters

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  • Cindy Kee
    Dec 3, 2006
      I'm relatively new to Y! Mail, so when you say "make use of you address book. It's a lot easier to tell the legitmate messages from spam that way", are you referring to the color-coding of messages, or something else? What's the most efficient use of the address book when it comes to spam? Is there a way to set the spam filters to automatically mark as spam anything that is not in your address book?

      Cindy in NV

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      My experience is similar to Karl's. I have been using SpamGuard for a few years
      now, and the vast majority of spam gets sent to the Bulk folder. In addition to
      diligently "deleting" all unfiltered spam with the Spam button, also make use
      of your address book. It's a lot easier to tell the legitimate messages from
      the spam that way, and in the classic version you can filter for messages from
      contacts or unknown senders. I use these view frequently and managing my spam
      is a fairly efficient chore.


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