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7428Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Spam filters

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  • Sasafrass
    Dec 3, 2006
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      Here's how it works.... I have the most common addresses that I recieve
      mail from in my addressbook. Then I create message filters, one of which
      is from-->isn't in addressbook. However, for Y group emails, I obviously
      can't add every member's email address to my addressbook, so I create a
      filter for subject-->doesn't contain-->[Y-Mail] (or whatever the subject
      tag is for a group). Then choose "delete" as the action. Now, as the
      owner of a Y group I can potentially get a lot of spam from non-members,
      so I turn off the email notification for pending messages & create a
      *seperate* filter for to-->contains-->Y-Mail-owner@yahoogroups.com &
      again choose "delete" as the action. Also turn off the spam filter, you
      won't need it with the above settings. And voila! ALL spam will go to
      the trash where it belongs :)

      I concede that this may be a little strict depending on the type of
      emails you receive, but you can always check the trash folder for any
      legit emails.

      IM me! Sasafrass452(Yahoo)

      S. J. "Jay" Bienvenu wrote:
      > --- Sasafrass <sasafrass452@ yahoo.com
      > <mailto:sasafrass452%40yahoo.com>> wrote:
      > > Thunderbird works for me with 100% accuracy :)
      > Can it do it without setting up a single filter and without adding every
      > address you know of to your address book?
      > Frankly, I'd question the validity of any spam blocker or flitering
      > system that
      > claims 100% accuracy, with ABSOLUTELY NO false negatives or positives.
      > (That is
      > what 100% accuracy means--ABSOLUTELY NO mistakes.) SpamGuard isn't
      > perfect, but
      > it's accurate ENOUGH for my tastes, and it's easy to program. It does NOT
      > require that I have dozens of filters set or every possible recipient
      > address
      > in my address book.
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