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7426Re: [Y-Mail] Spam filters

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  • S. J. "Jay" Bienvenu
    Nov 30, 2006
      My experience is similar to Karl's. I have been using SpamGuard for a few years
      now, and the vast majority of spam gets sent to the Bulk folder. In addition to
      diligently "deleting" all unfiltered spam with the Spam button, also make use
      of your address book. It's a lot easier to tell the legitimate messages from
      the spam that way, and in the classic version you can filter for messages from
      contacts or unknown senders. I use these view frequently and managing my spam
      is a fairly efficient chore.

      --- Karl Westerman <karlwesterman@...> wrote:
      > I really can't tell you how long it takes as I have been using it for quite
      > some time... but after several weeks, you should notice it working pretty
      > well. I rarely get spam in my in-box or other folders and likewise, I almost
      > never get a desired e-mail in my spam... it does seem like it took a number
      > of weeks (6 or more) before it was working reasonably well and several
      > months before it got to the point that it rarely made a mistake... probably
      > after 6 months, there are almost no problems. You should notice it getting
      > better week by week.

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