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7060Re: Solution to an inferior Beta product

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  • John Cowan
    Nov 9, 2006
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      I do use simple solution to Yahoo's slowness in making a good new email product.

      When not using the Web Interface (the original, not BETA), for about $20.00 a year I am able to POP forward me Yahoo email to Outlook. I can set up outlook to either keep a copy on the server (so I can still see the emails on the web) or delete it from the server. This way, if needed, I have the full capabilities of Outlook.
      I personally will not use the new Beta version until Yahoo makes it mandatory.
      Then, if not improved, will switch to another provider.

      Bruce <w3lj@...> wrote:
      I have been using the beta version for months now and would really like to see an Order Received column where a consecutive number would be increased for each email and all email could be sorted by it. Thunderbird has this feature now and it stops the new email from being inserted by date/time when so many users don't bother to keep their PC clocks within hours or days of the correct date/time.

      I think this would be very good additional feature.


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