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7053You got your Messenger in my Mail

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  • Ryan Kennedy
    Nov 9, 2006
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      We (the royal "we", I wasn't there) did a demo this morning at the Web
      2.0 conference of some stuff that's coming in a future release of
      Yahoo! Mail Beta. Michael Arrington covered it on TechCrunch for
      anyone interested:


      The short of it is that we're building a Yahoo! Messenger client into
      Yahoo! Mail Beta. There will be some really nice interplay between the
      two. You can do things like turn an IM conversation into an email or
      an email into an IM message.

      I'm planning on doing a post on the updates blog soon, but I leave for
      India tomorrow afternoon so I may not get to post it until next week
      (I really hope I have internet in the hotel). I'll see if the powers
      that be will let me create a screencast of it to make it up to you. ;)

      Ryan Kennedy
      Yahoo! Mail
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