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7019Re: [Y-Mail] Re: AddressGuard Indicator colors

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  • J. Hare
    Nov 7, 2006
      I use Yahoo mail for my business and have links to my
      websites and a general caveat related to information
      being sent - intended for user, etc.

      Unfortunately, email is designed for personal not
      business use. Another example is the hourly and daily
      limitation. When I do an email campaign to my
      customer base, it take me a week to send out all the
      emails I need to send. Bummer for me...

      Have any ideas?


      --- "S. J. \"Jay\" Bienvenu" <bienvenunet@...>

      > > Signature length has been an issue for me. I want
      > to
      > > put more in the signature than is allowed. Expand
      > the signature length!
      > What do you NEED a long signature for? Most of the
      > time that I've seen people
      > use extremely large signatures, they just include
      > all sorts of useless stuff in them.
      > Jay Bienvenu | jay@... | www.bienvenu.net
      > 360.yahoo.com/bienvenunet | raichu12.com/wg.asp
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