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  • too_much green_tea
    Nov 7, 2006
      If you were using IE7 on XP, your "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent" should be "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Win32)". Check and see if that's the case.

      Manufacturers may not distribute the OS on CDs these days, but XP allows you to create one set of recovery disc. You should be able to use them for repair if needed.


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      Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Lost a lot of functionality when I upgraded to IE7 provided by

      Thanks for the suggestions bookwormer32 and James.

      bookwormer32: How quaint that you think that a

      manufacturer would include CDs with the laptops they

      sell (although the compaq that I bought 21 months ago

      did so). This laptop is an Acer that my wife purchased

      for me as a birthday present at the end of September

      2006, and the only CD that accompanied it was a Norton

      Antivirus 2006 proprietary to Acer products. The dual

      processors came in FAT32, which I converted to NTFS

      for a variety of reasons. The OS hard loaded is XP Pro

      5.1.2600 SP2; it makes no sense to me why Acer would

      not include the CD with the laptop (I have been trying

      to reach an actual person there to answer my questions

      for over a week) precisely to resolve the kinds of

      issues that I am currently experiencing, with the

      ultimate result that I will never buy nor recommend an


      James: My regedit settings do not match those listed

      in the xvsxp posting; consequently, I did not make any

      changes to the registry at this time. I do appreciate

      your kindness however.

      I did become momentarily excited when I joined this

      group, as I was given the choice of using the html

      toolbar when I submitted my first question through the

      'join up' site, but it was extremely short-lived. This

      email is being sent in plain text with no html options.
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