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68Re: Ouch!

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  • Guillaume
    Jul 29, 2005
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      Hum no sorry Gabby I don't get your messages either...
      "a Hardware based mail client"? does that even mean something? like
      you go to your computer shop and by a mail client that you hook to
      your USB port or something ???

      "Software more safe than hardware" ?? damn this phrase is even more
      intriguing that the Graal mysteries I encountered in the Da Vinci

      There is one thing you can use to filter your email : folders man
      folders!and I dont see how your messages would be in your webhistory

      "grow up" go tell them and code it yourself if you've reached the
      widsdom stage

      "I think it's pretty funny to see people develop things by adding
      something here and some parts there. Lets see how this goes, lets
      try add that."
      >>> which is basically the way a beta should be happening to reach
      certain goal, kiddo
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