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  • jbeaul
    Jul 29, 2005
      Y! & Google will suffer? What the ... r u talking about?!? Guillaume
      posts that the new MSIE7 (in limited beta) won't load Y! Mail and you
      think this is an indication that Y! & Google r stupid? Wow... that's
      a reach.

      Regarding downloading interfaces, the Y! Mail beta is the next step in
      that direction - it's quite possible the site's cached DHTML won't be
      updated unless 1) you have your browser set to update everytime a site
      is visited or 2) there's an update provided by Yahoo!.

      "To finish the joke..." ???? I didn't notice that one was started.
      Maybe I am replying to a joke and don't realize it. At this point I
      really am not sure I understand your post. It doesn't make a lot of


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Gaby Wilde <factuurexpress@y...> wrote:
      > Yes, now yahoo and google will suffer, just like we did as they
      didn't support other browsers. I
      > remeber looking for an hour for a way to upload photos to yahoo not
      knowing it was a IE feature I
      > had used before.
      > I mean if users are mkaing their own browsers with duck tape and
      glue? Doesn't that mean yahoo and
      > google should put their billions were our needs are?
      > Kind of stupid to follow what the crowd does if microsoft is ruling
      the show?
      > I must have 200 programs running people made for free and they are
      all better as the payed
      > version.
      > There must be 20 browsers out there that are worth buying for MS Y!
      and GOOG. So it's a matter of
      > putting the money were their mouth is.
      > They've hacked hotmail and yahoo webmail into Tunderbird a long time
      ago. It's not like yahoo will
      > prevent me from downloading my email no matter how hard they try.
      > To finish the joke....
      > If you make a mail client in DHTML or what ever language. why should
      I have to download the
      > interface each time I use it? Why not serve the page from disk? I
      only need the messages, and I
      > only need them 1 time, the next time it should be served from disk.
      > Even IE can do this! hahahahahaha
      > --- Guillaume <guillaume.belfiore@g...> wrote:
      > > Yahoo Mail is not working thru Internet Explorer 7 beta right now.
      > > I think I also heard that Gmail did not go thru either.
      > > Hopefully this will not putt off the Yahoo! Mail beta ....
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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