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63Re: [Y-Mail] Ouch!

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  • Gaby Wilde
    Jul 29, 2005
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      Yes, now yahoo and google will suffer, just like we did as they didn't support other browsers. I
      remeber looking for an hour for a way to upload photos to yahoo not knowing it was a IE feature I
      had used before.

      I mean if users are mkaing their own browsers with duck tape and glue? Doesn't that mean yahoo and
      google should put their billions were our needs are?

      Kind of stupid to follow what the crowd does if microsoft is ruling the show?

      I must have 200 programs running people made for free and they are all better as the payed

      There must be 20 browsers out there that are worth buying for MS Y! and GOOG. So it's a matter of
      putting the money were their mouth is.

      They've hacked hotmail and yahoo webmail into Tunderbird a long time ago. It's not like yahoo will
      prevent me from downloading my email no matter how hard they try.

      To finish the joke....

      If you make a mail client in DHTML or what ever language. why should I have to download the
      interface each time I use it? Why not serve the page from disk? I only need the messages, and I
      only need them 1 time, the next time it should be served from disk.

      Even IE can do this! hahahahahaha

      --- Guillaume <guillaume.belfiore@...> wrote:

      > Yahoo Mail is not working thru Internet Explorer 7 beta right now.
      > I think I also heard that Gmail did not go thru either.
      > Hopefully this will not putt off the Yahoo! Mail beta ....

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