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616Losing Attachements

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  • Brad Farris
    Dec 3, 2005
      I have been having a problem just this last week.

      When I send an email with an attachment, some recipients receive it
      and some don't. Even on the same email, some will get it and others

      Now I would ordinarily put this down to being a problem on the
      receiving end, but it's happening to about 75% of the attachments I send.

      Today I was looking at one of these in my "Sent" folder and I noticed
      that even though the subject line had the paperclip icon on it, there
      was no attachment on the email. (either below the TO line or below
      the bottom of the email.) This is really wierd as the message size
      shows like 60K, so it must be there somewhere, but it's not on the UI.

      I don't think it matters, but I'm using the "classic" interface (not
      the beta).