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3144large mailboxes / resources needed both local and server side

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  • andy.wright
    Mar 31, 2006
      I have been watching this group for a few days, but I have not come
      across anything related to the issues I am having with the beta
      version of this interface.

      My folders are somewhat massive, and can have anywhere from 100
      messages to 3,000 messages.

      One of the design features I have noticed, is the application tries
      loading all the messages in a particular folder, thus using the
      client's resources - making the header information (from, subject,
      date) available at request. For instance, having an inbox with 2,000
      messages; the application tries to make all these instances in the
      folder available. -Or maybe the data isn't available, but the array
      of messages is being initialized, null or not, and notifying the browser.-

      I have always relied on Yahoo's e-mail search for a means to organize
      requested data from these large folders of information. Many people
      look at this feature and instantly think of g-mail. Well, I have
      always had similar accomplishments from both services, and have been
      at ease with Yahoo as my primary e-mail communication provider. This
      is because I am able to search with the same efficiency as it's

      There should no longer be a need to separate e-mail, which is time
      consuming, into separate folders; but instead allow us to keep large,
      data base driven, blocks of information, accessible by a search query
      and its related engine.

      I have not studied, or tried to evaluate the use of the application.
      However, the resources used to manage data in the fashion that is
      currently being used, is inefficient at best.

      I hope that the final mail application does not request all the
      information known to humanity. I could be way off, and if I am not,
      than it is a shame for both the user (resources needed), and the
      server (the queries needed from the client).

      Has anyone else had similar issues with large mailboxes, or performance?