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27164Re: [Y-Mail] Can't Keep Breaking News out of my Spam Box

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  • mike bader
    Aug 20, 2014
      Sound like their content has changed.
      Or others have marked it as spam.
      You could try marking it as not spam and it might learn over time.
      A filter seems like a simple solution.
      Adding to your address book does little if anything.

      On 8/20/2014 7:34 AM, Fisher gomark06@... [Y-Mail] wrote:
      After years of CNN breaking news emails being delivered normally to my inbox, suddenly a few weeks ago 100% of them starting going to spam. I patiently marked them not spam for a while and also added the email address they come from to my address book, but they continue, without fail, to all go to my spam box. I imagine I could set up a filter, but why should I have to?

      Any thoughts?


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