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27149Re: [Y-Mail] ATT Yahoo Mail POP3 Unable to Download Messages with Attachments

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  • Harryh
    Aug 12 12:32 PM
      My research has revealed that the issue is independent of sender.  Sadly, it seems to happen rarely so is difficult to debug.  It seems associated with transit though Yahoo servers.  The singular common element is the lack of header data.

      Malformed messages used to be an issue long ago affecting POP3 (and IMAP) where the SMTP sender simply reported an error to the POP receiver.   Those malformed messages simply had to be discarded.  Malformation is typically header related when the header is missing the proper CR.LF.CR.LF, etc sequences or other header errors.  Since the header can't be displayed and Yahoo doesn't facilitate a raw message view, who knows why the header is malformed.  Yahoo's inability to show the header doesn't help.

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      Sounds like a similar problem, but I am able to log into the web and access the messages.  I can move them to another folder and the POP3 connection will work again.  However, as long as the large messages are in the inbox, the POP3 connection fails over and over.  As you indicated, this just started within the past few months.  It was not a problem prior to this first happening back in May or June.

      I will check the issue with the mail header being blank.  I have not noticed that problem as it can be accessed via the webmail, but I will check to see if I have the same symptom on the messages that cannot be downloaded.

      You could be right about the POP3 connection stopping when it has this problem.  The messages that I have seen doing this so far have all been from one person.  I will try sending a test to the mailbox to see it also stops the POP3 retrieval from others or maybe it is just doing it for this one person.

      Thank you for the information and I will let you know what I find out.


      On Aug 8, 2014, at 11:49 PM, Harryh <harryh89@...> wrote:

      Wow!  Finally someone with the same issue I have been having for months.  I would most certainly like to know more.

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