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27125ATT Yahoo Mail POP3 Unable to Download Messages with Attachments

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  • John Haverty
    Aug 6, 2014
      I am trying to help a friend who has a AT&T Yahoo account. She has been using Windows Live Mail for months without any problems and suddenly within the past few weeks she is unable to download her POP3 mail if there are attachments. The system closes the connection and does not download her email. I have checked settings and do not find any problems. Set for POP3 with SSL and correct ports, but it stops downloading. I tried increasing the timeout setting, but still it will not download the message(s) with the attachments.

      If she has seven messages and the seventh message has the attachments (images), Windows Live Mail will download messages 1-6 each time she tries to connect, but when it gets to the message with the images, it will fail. Thus, when she tries to get her mail again, she has duplicates of each of the 1-6 messages, but they never are removed from the server because the seventh message is not retrieved by POP mail.

      Did something recently change with Yahoo and POP mail that would be causing this to happen?

      I have been able to determine this is the issue by going to the web interface (http://mail.yahoo.com) to access the account, moving the messages with images to a new folder and then connecting to get mail. No problems and mail is retrieved without issue by Windows Live Mail. Once I put the message(s) back that have attachments (images), it will not download and fails. Again, this is new as she has been using Windows Live mail with this AT&T Yahoo account for a while now. The images are not really big (2 MB or so).

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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