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27096Re: [Y-Mail] Lost mail?

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  • Sasafrass452
    Jul 19 6:05 AM
      You can contact Yahoo by going to help.yahoo.com. If you use twitter, that may also be a way to contact them.
      On 07/19/2014 12:08 AM, babbvt@... [Y-Mail] wrote:

      What got my attention in foregoing posts was the clause "contact Yahoo" !! Just how does one 'contact Yahoo?'

       I'm seriously frustrated, and feeling very alarmed at what seems a very indifferent attitude on the part of Yahoo.  Very unlike the Yahoo of yore.

      So please know I'll be looking forward to any replies!!



      ---In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, <pwberndt@...> wrote :

      Hi Kenneth,

      Good suggestions. My brother had his account compromised the same way and they did take control as eutah10 describes. He was not able to change passwords, access his email or regain control of his account and had to contact Yahoo. It took a little over a week to regain control and that was when you could contact Yahoo. 

      It is very possible that spyware has been installed and the hackers may be gathering other passwords and info from the computer. The first thing I'd do is run a very good security scan, maybe even take it to a professional. While this is going on, I'd go to a secure computer and change all of my account passwords; this would also tell you if any of your other accounts have been stolen.

      Then, I'd try to contact Yahoo to work this out; knowing how messed up Yahoo is, it might be easier to open a new email account.

      Paul, Ohio, USA
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      eutah10 didn't give enough information to know how the contacts were accessed.  I know if it were my account, the only way to get my Yahoo! contacts would be by logging into my account.  They're not stored anyplace else.  But eutah10 didn't even say that they were sent to his/her own contacts.  Perhaps eutah10 found out the emails were being sent after getting bounces back from non-existent email accounts.  Perhaps there was no account break in at all.  Perhaps it's only a case of someone spoofing the sender email.

      eutah10, did you check your trash folder?  If your account was hacked, maybe the hacker is filtering all your received emails into the trash.  Or maybe they're being auto-forwarded somewhere else?  I recommend reviewing carefully all your Yahoo! account settings in general, not just Yahoo! Mail, and check out the "view your recent sign-in activity" link.


      ---In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, <chrisjbrady@...> wrote :

      Actually they were using your contact list - not your actual email
      account - to send begging letters for money.

      They got this by planting a trojan onto your computer which kindly
      sent them your contact list. They didn't even need to log in to your
      email account.

      Changing your password is like bolting the stable door after the horse
      has gone. Since they never accessed your email account in the first
      place changing the password does not protect you, They have your list
      - they will use it and fake the email headers so that they appear to
      come from you.


      On 17/07/2014, eutah10@... [Y-Mail] <Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > I haven't had any new yahoo mail since the 11th. Just before it stopped I
      > changed my password because someone was sending emails, as if from me,
      > asking for money. Nothing I've tried so far has worked to get my mail back.
      > Any suggestions? Please?

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