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27082Re: [Y-Mail] Calendar Time zone issue

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  • Shal Farley
    Jul 3 4:23 PM

      > Some meeting times appear to be in GMT, not local CST.
      > My stuff is OK to itself, but when I get notifications from other
      > YGroups, time zone is off.
      > Is there a setting that I (or the originator) can tweak?

      The times shown when you look at a Group's Event calendar are the same
      as those shown when you look at your personal calendar:

      The time zone setting for all of those is in the Calendar Options page,
      from the Actions menu (gear icon) at the upper right of your personal
      calendar page. This is not the same as the time zone setting in your
      Account Info page (why not, I don't know).

      The time zone for event notices that arrive from a group by email is set
      by the group's event time-zone setting, which is in the Actions menu of
      the group's Events page - this one roughly in the middle of the bar that
      has the Day, Week, Month, Year, List view selections.

      If the group's membership is geographically constrained (like a
      neighborhood group, or Freecycle/Freegle type of group) then it would
      make sense for the group managers to set the group's event time zone to
      the group's local time. In an international group GMT might be the best
      choice, with the local time of the event, if it has a location, stated
      in the event description.

      This is because all group members receive the same email notification,
      regardless of their personal timezone (and the notice posted in the
      group's Conversations section is the same for everyone as well).

      -- Shal
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