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27077SEARCH broken???

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  • bobkaplow
    Jul 3, 2014
      Ever since NEO, I not only have problems with groups, but with my email as well. I keep my email in yahoo via the web interface, I do not use a client to download it to my mac.

      Today I search for messages that I know I have, and can actually find manually, but yahoo mail search tells me
      "No results found We found no messages matching your query:"

      But I can go to the folder and find messages with what I'm looking for.

      Another search should match dozens of messages, but only finds 9. This actually used to work, but just started failing for me yesterday.

      This is but one critical issue I'm currently having, out of at least a dozen things that have been broken since NEO screwed up everything.

      I can't even contact customer "doesn&# 39;t care". When I click on that option, it makes me log in again, and refuses to accept my password. Yet the password works fine in mail or groups or calendar.
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