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26931Re: [Y-Mail] Re: ymail doesn't work

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  • CJB
    Apr 15, 2014
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      Yes - that was my experience - which is why I now carry a cheap
      Notebook around. At least Yahoo recognises that even if I connect
      using free wifi from different IP addresses.

      BUT I gave up when I was on holiday overseas. Yahoo effectively
      BLOCKED my access from my Notebook because it thought that it had been
      stolen and removed to a different country. Heck - I was only visiting
      my brother in The Netherlands. I spent hours trying to unblock my
      account and resetting passwords etc.

      And don't even try to log into Yahoo using a foreign keyboard, e.g.
      one with Continental characters such as my brothers. Passwords typed
      in on a non-English keyboard will NEVER be accepted. And then you get
      blocked out completely due to entering in the wrong password too many

      And having a two stage log in process using a code sent to a mobile
      phone is useless if the phone wont connect in a foreign country - as
      happened to me in Barbados. My phone wouldn't work and Yahoo wouldn't
      let me log in without typing in the code that it had sent to me by
      text. I only got the code when I returned tothe UK and my phone
      suddenly worked again.

      Its about time that Yahoo and Google realised that sometimes folks do
      travel overseas to countries other than the USA, and catered for their
      needs to send / receive emails.


      On 15/04/2014, greatyoga@... <greatyoga@...> wrote:
      > just logged into a computer at the library. I spoke to the librarian and
      > she said it was on national news that yahoo mail did not work and she had
      > numerous complaints today. I click on the wheel and nothing happens so I
      > can't us ymail. Why can't they just make things simple and that work?
      > GB
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