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26921Yahoo Servers Causing List Members To Be Cancelled

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  • Chris J Brady
    Apr 12, 2014
      Re: [ARSCLIST] I was dropped too.

      Yahoo servers / services are not fir for purpose - yet again.

      Many members of this list have had their memberships cancelled due to bounce-backs caused by Yahoo's servers.

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      From: John K. Chester <redacted>
      To: ARSCLIST@...
      Sent: Friday, 11 April 2014, 17:05
      Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] I was dropped too.

      At 08:54 AM 4/11/2014, Roger Kulp wrote:

      >> Can someone tell me in simple language what's been going on here?

      I'll try.

      Yahoo screwed up, and tightened up one of their SPAM prevention systems without thinking about the consequences.

      Mail is sent from a yahoo.com address to the list.  The mailing list software does not understand or implement the anti-SPAM system that Yahoo is using, so it happily distributes the email to all the list members.

      Many of the email servers used by list members *do* understand what Yahoo is doing.  Unfortunately, the email message has been modified by the list server in a way that will cause it to always be labelled as SPAM and bounced.  Simply put, the anti-SPAM method Yahoo is using is incompatible with most mailing lists, and should never be used.

      The mailing list software sees all the bounces, and assumes that they are the fault of the list member to whom the email was sent. Remember, it doesn't understand the protocol Yahoo is using.  The list server uses the only defense it knows:  it unsubscribes the list member who bounced the email, who in this case is an innocent bystander.

      -- John Chester