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26915Re: [Y-Mail] HELP!!! CAN'T OPEN EMAILS IN NEO FF ...

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  • Donna
    Apr 10, 2014

      When you go to open a message, see the spinning arrow, then nothing, do you mean that when the arrow stops spinning you end up on a blank page?  This ssometimes happens to me in Basic, using Firefox.  When I get to that point, I have tried clicking on the Reload  button at the top of the browser.  Doing this will usually get the message to complete the process of opening.  I've had Yahoo Mail Neo almost a year it it is still problematic at times. 



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      From: Chris J Brady

      Thank you. I have tried that. I click on an email in Inbox, the browser tab arrow goes round, stops, then nothing.
      This leaves the Inbox list just as it was, except the now 'read' email goes from bold to non-bold.
      Chris B.
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