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  • CJB
    Apr 10, 2014
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      Sorry to go on about this. When I click on an email in the Inbox
      surely it should create a new mail tab and then display the contents
      aka body text in a new panel?

      And in Options I DO have the 'tab' option checked.

      So why is Mail not creating a new tab for each email that I try and
      open? It seems like the part that's broken is creating a new tab, and
      then displaying the contents of the email.

      However if I do a Forward or a Reply or a Reply to All for an email -
      whereas I used to get a blank Compose panel - I now get a new mail tab
      with the body of the email all formatted for Forwarding or Replying.
      This is now working as it should.

      So to open an email I now have to do a Forward or a Reply.

      This rubbish system is really NFFP - and the problems have been going
      on for far too long. And Yahoo listens to no-one since the problems
      keep going on and on.

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