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2688918 million stolen passwords

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  • lena_kiev
    Apr 7, 2014

      > April 7, 2014

      > Last week, authorities in the German city of Verden reportedly discovered
      > one of the country's largest cases of identity theft, where up to
      > 18 million email addresses and their associated passwords
      > may have been stolen.

      > The stolen identities were discovered in the context of an investigation
      > into a botnet which is being used to send spam emails from stolen
      > email addresses, according to the BSI. "The botnet is still in operation,"
      > according to a statement issued on Monday by the BSI, and
      > "the stolen identities are being actively exploited."
      > Of the 18 million email users affected, three million are based in Germany.

      That's just one botnet.