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26836Yahoo Mail time stamp

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  • Donna
    Mar 25, 2014
      Except for the blank pages and error messages that I encounter, I have few complaints about Yahoo Mail.  But, today, I just noticed something an an email from a group that I belong to.  The time stamp on the unopened email says 6:11 PM.  At the time, it was about 4:15 PM PDT.  After I opened the message to read it, the time stamp in the opened message indicated that it had come yesterday. 

      When I went to look at other messages from group members of that same group, I noticed that there were several that came yesterday; but the time stamp on the unopened message indicated yesterday's date:  Mon, 3/24/14. 

      I am wondering why this happened?  Did Yahoo make a mistake?  Or, is this something that I can fix?  Is it possible that if I ignore it, this issue will resolve itself?

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