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26831Apparent Major Differences Between Email Accounts?

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  • fggybttm
    Mar 19, 2014

      There seem to be glaring differences in 'appearance/format'?, performance, and possibly other features  between one NEO email account and another. 

      At the moment I am too shocked to know, as I've just come here after a very unsettling experience - in that I have found it impossible to 'save to draft' any effort at composition.  That discovery had triggered a second look at the format of the mail page itself of the particular  account only to view even more format differences!!   

      Not only that, mail I'd composed and sent, or so I thought, has to all intent and purpose, totally disappeared from any record, which may explain there's been no reply;-)

      Please help me figure out how to actually contact Yahoo.  Even the procedures for contacting  Yahoo differ between one account and the other.  I am baffled and alarmed!!