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26828Re: [Y-Mail] OFTEN INCLUDED

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  • Henrique C. S. Junior
    Mar 18, 2014
      It is probably another feature due to Xobni (acquired by Yahoo last year or so).
      Xobni is great and is working as a charm for me, but I don't have this "often included" in my account yet and I know for sure that Yahoo knows how to screw things up. Let's pray... :-)
      Henrique C. S. Junior
      QuĂ­mica Industrial - UFRRJ
      Centro de Processamento de Dados - PMP

      On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 1:35 PM, Chris J Brady <chrisjbrady@...> wrote:
      I don't get this feature - so it hasn't completely rolled out.

      But it is yet another example of the script kiddies (or one) being out-of-control and implementing "wouldn't it be nice if" features. 

      Its basically a hack - I would opine - that hasn't been authorised. If the idea for such a useless feature had been put forward for consideration to the 'improvement team' it would likely have been vetoed. So this feature seems to be a rogue improvement by an individual doing his / her own thing. 

      As I said it is incredibly unprofessional to allow someone to graft this sort of cr&p feature on a live system - AND it brings into doubt the integrity of all Yahoo staff and the amateurism of its development processes. 

      If we had done that when developing and implementing our airline booking system it would have been a disciplinary and sackable issue.  


      From: Chuck Neuenschwander <annandchuck@...>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, 16 March 2014, 22:33
      Subject: [Y-Mail] OFTEN INCLUDED


      what's with this  OFTEN INCLUDED  box that pops up when I enter anyone into the addressing field?
      It includes three people from my Address Book, with no rhyme or reason as to why these three get picked,
      considering the addressee I've picked.

      is this another half-baked "improvement" to Yahoo Mail ?

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