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  • Sasafrass452
    Mar 1, 2014
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      That is very good advice!!! Malware can be very sneaky like that.... Every window$ user(about 80%+ of the world's population) MUST take precautions & regularly scan their computers to keep them clean. It is recommended to scan your system at least once a week, depending on usage. Also remember to clear your temp internet files, browser cache, & cookies every day! The real problem is when files that you THINK are gone, are still there, hidden in the window$ registry. That's because window$ is a "pack rat", saving remnants of every file that's ever existed on the system. Over time, your hard drive space is gradually shrinking because of these supposedly deleted files using up hard drive space. Without proper maintainance, your computer will get slower & slower. Next thing you know, your hard drive space is nearly gone, the memory is bogged down, & then what happens? CRASH!!! So, you attempt to reinstall window$ only to discover that you've reached the maximum number of installations allowed for your registration code. And off you go to Staples(or other preferred retailer), to spend ANOTHER $200 on a new copy of window$. Bill Gates says thankyou.... Sound familiar? Linux users don't worry about the registry(it doesn't have one) or malware. I've been a proud Linux user for 9 yrs & never looked back! And by the way, it's FREE.... :)
      On 02/28/2014 09:39 AM, Lena@... wrote:

      > Posted by: ifreecycle4life@...
      > I save most of my sent email for future reference with moderating my
      > group. All of my sent email has suddenly been deleted.

      Look at "Account Info" - "View your recent sign-in activity".
      If you see a location or IP-address other than where you are
      then your password was stolen with a Windows malware
      (installed surreptitiously with a drive-by exploit kit).
      Some spambots delete content of Sent folder in order to cover tracks.

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