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26784Re: [Y-Mail] Deleted Emails - SERIOUS ... !!

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  • Cindy Cozad-Rudinger
    Feb 28, 2014
      Chris, I hear you on this. I know that you have posted about the importance of your connections via your Yahoo account. However, wondering if you might consider an email account just for things like this. I have an account through a paid service for my freelance business, and often will use that one for things that I can't afford to be delayed or lost or never delivered. Just a thought.
      Cindy in Ohio

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      From: CJB <chrisjbrady@...>

      Last week I booked and paid for a flight on British Airways. They
      emailed me a confirmation of my booking, the itinerary, and booking
      payment receipt. They instructed me to print the details out and bring
      them with me to the Airport. HOWEVER meanwhile f'ing Yahoo have
      somehow deleted the email and I can't print it out. Bl**dy h*ll - what
      a load of cr*p this service is - well no service at all. Thanks Yahoo
      for screwing up my flight. CJB

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