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26356Re: [Y-Mail] How the *#*$* do I get back to my inbox???????

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  • Chris J Brady
    Nov 9, 2013
      Not always so. Clicking on any icon for a folder is ignored all too many times. That's why Neo F is not fit for purpose.

      Sometimes the ONLY way to get back to your Inbox is to refresh the URL in the browser.


      On Sat, 9/11/13, Chris Knight <c_knight_66@...> wrote:

      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] How the *#*$* do I get back to my inbox???????
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, 9 November, 2013, 14:52


      The icons that line up
      with the folder names are still visible.  You click the
      envelope which is the icon for your inbox.

      On Saturday, November 9, 2013 6:10 AM,
      Sasafrass452 <Sasafrass452@...> wrote:


      I tried
      this, & got back to the inbox with no
      problem. Just
      click on the mail icon on the left side panel....
      That's your

      On 11/09/2013 05:01 AM, Bruce Lund wrote:


      Did a
      mail search for mail
      from a person and I think I like how that
      works. (Haven't
      tried a more refined search with keywords so
      will reserve
      judgment on that.) However, once I get done
      with the
      search, I have NO clue how to get back to my

      There are just so many things I absolutely
      hate about Neo,
      including the fact that I have to scroll down
      the page
      just to hit the send button when composing

      What a piece of junk. Have the healthcare.gov
      been moonlighting at Yahoo?

      Bruce Lund

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