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26351Re: [Y-Mail] Neo Groups.

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  • Rosita Iris Gosling
    Nov 8, 2013
    Hello Cindy Cozad-Rudinger,

    B.T. is the initials of British Telecom.

    This is my Internet provider and one of the largest in the United Kingdom.

    They had a link up with Yahoo to provide their e-mail service but this has also changed not all for the better yet, like the parent corporation Yahoo.

    I will e-mail you directly if you want any further information.

    Bye for now,

    David Gosling.

    On Friday, 8 November 2013, 22:08, Cindy Cozad-Rudinger <zadrud1@...> wrote:
    What do you mean by "BT?"
    Cindy in Ohio

    Melanie, CD, CGC...Border Collie mix
    Sunfire's MD Cotton BTV Tank, CGC, BN...Labrador Retriever
    Donal...special gib Felis catus

    From: DAVID GOSLING <d.gosling6@...>
    Hello Members,

          I have just joined the Group again using my B.T. account and found the old format here.

    No problems joining Group and enjoying returning and updating on the old way of operating.

    I will update a.s.a.p. with any alterations, especially if it is NEO.

    Bye for now,

    David Gosling.

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