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26312Re: [Y-Mail] Yahoo Now Screwing Around With Yahoo Searches

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  • Donna
    Nov 3 6:30 PM
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      Normally, my search engine of choice is ask.com.  But, I tried yahoo this time and typed your search words into the search field.  The results page showed several  ads related to New Zealand Libraries; but, there were also several actual  links to articles or sites related to New Zealand Libraries.  There were at least 4 pages; with the same  ad links on each page.  However, I did not click through all of the pages.  Even ask.com gives me ad links in addition to search results.  It's  all part of having a free search engine. 



      ----- Original Message -----

      From: CJB

      At the top of the Neo email pages is a search box for searching emails
      or the web.
      Just now I entered a search such as "New Zealand Libraries" - I wanted
      to search their online archives catalogues.
      The result was a simple four item list - of sponsored sites only.
      I expected hundreds of results. 
      In other words Yahoo had deliberately switched off a search for ALL
      websites, but was only offering sponsored results - four in all.
      I could find no way of switching the search back to include all sites.
      I tried the same thing with a Google search and got the full list of
      site that I expected.
      WTF is going on at Yahoo?
      P.S. From my Gmail account due to Yahoo Neo FF continually refusing to
      allow me to compose new emails.
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