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26274Re: [Y-Mail] RE: Closing Yahoo Grpups

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  • Donna
    Oct 30 7:12 AM
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      One of the groups which I deleted was called Outdoors Singles.  It had the same banner image as in your link.  To me, the image just looked like a young couple walking along the beach.  I never saw that photo as anything but what it looks like.  Because the girl has long hair, I can imagine some people might think she is much younger than what she probably is. 

      It is possible to change the banner photo.   I did it with the one group that I still own.  I don't like what the constraints of the banner does to portrait style images though.  The art group that I belong to features a painting of the month from one of the artists in the group and the banner really does a number on some of these photos. 



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      This may be the same picture that Yahoo put on the page of another group I follow.  I complained in the forum about the pedo aspect but nobody seemed to be concerned, much to my surprise.  This group is a just plain nice forum on RV topics and a little bit of doing it as a single person.  But I am still revolted by the picture.

      See it here:


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