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RE: Closing Yahoo Grpups

  • mayaranger
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      This may be the same picture that Yahoo put on the page of another group I follow.  I complained in the forum about the pedo aspect but nobody seemed to be concerned, much to my surprise.  This group is a just plain nice forum on RV topics and a little bit of doing it as a single person.  But I am still revolted by the picture.

      See it here:


      ---In y-mail@yahoogroups.com, <chrisjbrady@...> wrote:

      Due to the complete and utter mess that Yahoo Groups is now in - to
      say nothing of the removing of all of my customisation to make them
      unique - I am closing / deleting those that I started and moderate. I
      will be sending out notifications to all members with the reasons why.

      I could just about put up with the cr*ppy Neo layout and functionality
      but Yahoo has replaced one of my Group's homepage photo with that of a
      guy with his arm round a young girl which is TOTALLY unrelated to the
      Group's topic which is Tall Ships aka windjammers.

      I am certainly NOT promoting pedo / paedo behaviour on my Groups.

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