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26224Yahoo staff still are not listening ...

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  • CJB
    Oct 25, 2013
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      The script kiddies seem to have quietened down. I haven't noticed any
      on-the-fly changes for a while.

      However the issues of irritation pertain:

      1/ There is no acknowledgement that an email has been sent - I have to
      use Basic to look in the Sent folder for confirmation

      2/ Emails in Folders still do not appear when a Folder name is clicked upon

      2/ Multiple open email Tabs are still absent

      3/ Pasting RTF / HTML as copied from a website into Text Only FF or
      Basic still results in a mess. You then have to click on the RTF
      option, then back to Text Only to remove the HTML / RTF stuff

      4/ The up / down arrows are missing for moving from one email to
      another - yes I know they have arrows but these are way down the page
      and require an effort to get the cursor down to them - arrows on the
      tool bar would be far better

      5/ There is still no safe way of saving Drafts - I tried clicking the
      'x' mark and all my work was lost - I couldn't go back to it

      6/ Frequently Basic switches back to FF - unannounced

      7/ etc.

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