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  • Sasafrass452
    Oct 5, 2013
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      I can only tell you to do the research on other providers & see which one suits your needs. If Yahoo is that problematic for you, what choice is there? You either like it, or you don't.... No one is being forced to stay with Yahoo. We can stay or leave, it's our choice....



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      You're a peach for such a quick reply. 

       I wish it were 'that simple'.   Apparently, even Yahoo's own generated 'programs' - i.e. "Basic" v "NEO" - are incompatible. 

      So I'd expect to find the same kind of difficulties elsewhere - making it impossible, for example, to easily utilize/blend  when necessary, files from Classic with NEO, if you get my drift. . 

      I'd jump ship in a minute if I  could take my baggage with me  and find a craft with the same capacity and craftworthiness as Classic.   For example, NEO can't even begin to rival Classic re fonts ;-(( 

      And let's face it - my technical knowledge is non-existent - can't always describe issues to technocrats so they  know what I'm talking about.

      How would you describe the essential differences between Classic & NEO as far as, for example, programming language & that type of stuff is concerned? Or who would know if not you?;-))




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      Since Gmail is as bad, what other email providers are out there? (Besides AOL...)
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      Unfortunately, we don't have a choice. Whatever features are included is up to Yahoo. It would probably take millions of people saying they don't want the messenger before Yahoo would actually remove it. The bottom line is, if you don't like Yahoo Mail or if it's that troublesome for you, there are many other email providers to choose from. It's that simple....


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      Do we have a choice as to whether or not Yahoo Messenger has to be a feature in our email account.
      In fact, why doesn't Yahoo focus on tailoring Yahoo Messenger to the needs and wants of the thumbpushers and let those of us who still hanker to e-write do so?
      Just a thought,
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