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25822RE: Re: [Y-Mail] Hello, hello, anyone there?

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  • Shal Farley
    Oct 3, 2013

      > Somewhere on site there's a compilation of what seem to be feedbacks.

      If you're looking at a Yahoo Group in Neo there's a link to Feedback in the left column.

      > I've watched the numbers of feedbacks rise from the 35,000's to the
      > 40,000's(maybe more by now)

      That's the number of votes on the "hottest" or "topmost" topic. Click to sort by "New" to see less popular topics. There are a couple thousand topics, see the categories list on the right column.

      > BUT for some reason, email users do not have the feedback option that
      > sports, homepage, finance, et al users do ;-(((

      I don't know why Yahoo doesn't advertise these:

      -- Shal
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