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25807RE: Hello, hello, anyone there?

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  • babbvt
    Oct 2, 2013


      I really would like to change the title to: Do you see what I see?"

      But don't dare.  And I do know there've been times I've not known where to 'tune in' ;-))

      I think I initiated this string of posts(conversations?), to which I think Sassy replied, but  at the end of which there appears a post(conversation) from Chris, not that it was unwelcome, but it did seem unrelated??. 

       I do know that I've had much trouble following the communications pattern of this NEO groups format, if one exists. 



      ---In y-mail@yahoogroups.com, <chrisjbrady@...> wrote:

      Unfortunately after 15 years I still HAVE to use Yahoo Mail. However whereas I need only ONE session open for Gmail I have found it best to use TWO sessions for Yahoo Mail. That is I open one session in Neo Full Featured, and one session in Neo Basic. I try and swap emails using the Draft or Inbox folders (i.e. I send the email to myself before completing it) so that when Neo FF refuses to display folders (most of the time) I can switch to Basic. Basic seems far more stable than FF. Actually I really ONLY need FF for the auto-filling of recipient addresses. 

      A MAJOR bug (one of hundreds) with Neo FF is that when I send an email to a text only mailing list it puts in spurious characters. In FF even if I switch to text only - a TWO step process - it STILL leaves spurious characters in the email received and then sent out by the mailing lists. NTS Gmail NEVER does this.


      From: "babbvt@..." <babbvt@...>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, 2 October 2013, 6:57
      Subject: [Y-Mail] Hello, hello, anyone there?

      Sure doesn't look as though traffic was improving ;-((

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