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25806RE: Re: [Y-Mail] Hello, hello, anyone there?

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  • babbvt
    Oct 2, 2013
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       Hi Sassy

      The layout of messages  (conversations?) has me dizzy;-(  Date/time stamps are so faded as to be missing, so it is difficult to know whether any reply is lost, or delayed, or awaiting moderation, whatever.. 

      BUT, what I'd really like to know, that is, IF you know, is the prresent leadership of Yahoo serious about listening to feedback?

      Somewhere on site  there's a compilation of what seem to  be feedbacks.  I've watched the numbers of feedbacks rise from the 35,000's to the 40,000's(maybe more by now) BUT for some reason, email users do not have the feedback option that sports, homepage, finance, et al users do ;-(((

      I seem to remember your ID from the time the old familiar responsive impressive Yahoo was considering massive Group changes. Could that be?

      Also, is there a regularity with which moderators are able to do their thing?  It's difficult to know whether a message has gone astray or awaiting moderation.  I have had trouble the past couple of days with failures to draft and send - a first in some fifteen(15) years!!;-(((


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      We're still here :) It has been quiet, though....



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      Sure doesn't look as though traffic was improving ;-((

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