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25779Re: [Y-Mail] Yahoo account deleted by Yahoo?

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  • CJB
    Sep 25, 2013
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      We had that fiasco when many had their accounts suddenly deleted. It was an auto-update that went wrong. We were all suddenly switched to Neo losing ALL of our emails in the process. I even went to Yahoo HQ in London where they basically told me to 'p' off. We put out an appeal on Yahoo Answers and got a link to request a complete restore. This may or may not work for you.


      Sent from my GMail account because Yahoo Neo has decided to ignore my needs to compose emails - i.e. the Reply button has stopped working, as have all clicks to Folders.

      On 25 September 2013 04:18, <earthcell2004@...> wrote:

      So, my girlfriend logs into her account Monday (9-23-13) morning, reads her email, looks at her Fantasy Football teams, shuts down her computer and heads off to work.  That evening, she goes to sign in around 6:00 pm, and Yahoo says her login info is wrong.  I suspect she has been hacked, so we go through the process to reset her password, only to find out that the only option to reset is locked into a cell phone which is not her number.


      We try again tonight (9-24-13) to no avail.  Nothing we try works.  Finally, she calls customer service.  We are told by some Tier 3 associate (apparently the highest level of help) that the info she gives him (as well as myself) is not accurate and there is no way that it can be her account.  He says there is no way it was hacked, and his only explanation is either she has not logged in for awhile (false) or the information we gave him is wrong (again, false).  She has had this account for years.


      After spending an hour on the phone going in circles, and the Tier 3 guy unable to do anything to help, we hang up.  I tell her she has somehow been compromised, (apparently no hacked (right!)) and should change everything she can think of over to her gmail account (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) so whoever has her account (and someone does, because I have sent an email to the address and not received an undeliverable message) won't get any "sensitive" info.


      I then go to our Fantasy Football league, where again, her email is the one she has used for years, and find out that all the history for her team is gone.  No history to be found, and we have had this league since 2009!  Everyone else's info is there, only hers is missing.


      Is it possible that her account was deleted against her wishes by Yahoo or someone else?


      If so, they won't fess up or are unable to tell, and someone else registered her account I.D. before she got home?


      If not, how can this happen?


      If it can, I might just have to delete my account and move it to gmail.



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