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25582Re: [Y-Mail] registering with Yahoo

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  • Donna Lee
    Aug 30, 2013
      My husband is hearing impaired. He could not use a cell if he wanted to. We have a landline (with caller ID) that I use. I also have a cell which I have set up call forward. I do not have caller ID in my cell unless the caller is in my cell phone book. 

      My husband has a Yahoo email account along with a Gmail. He has never given a cell phone number. If he has to I put in the area code with 123-4567 and it takes LOL. I hope no one actually has that number! What would happen if I used 555-1234? LOL

      I do not give out my home phone number because it is unlisted and I really want to keep it that way! 

      Donna Ford Lee  ♂+♀=♡
      Tulsa, OK 

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      On Aug 30, 2013, at 5:45 AM, "Donna" <pnwfemale@...> wrote:

      One of my online friends wanted to join a Yahoo group that I'm a member of; but, didn't have a Yahoo ID.  Anyway, he  goes through the registration form and has to enter a cell phone number.  Only thing is, he doesn't have a cell phone and he said that he tried to write all zeros.  The form said that it wasn't a valid phone number.   He didn't want to enter his land line number.  I never had to enter a cell phone number when I registered with Yahoo back in the 90s; so, I used my sister's number and changed the numbers a bit.  How does a person register for a Yahoo account if he doesn't have a cell phone?  It would be pretty easy to make up a random number; but, that random number could turn out to be somebody's actual phone number. 

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