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25534Re: [Y-Mail] folder question

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  • Lorrie
    Aug 27, 2013
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      Thanks to everyone.  I found it - a very pale plus sign next to FOLDERS. For a person with rotten eyesight it is really hard to see.  They could have made it a little darker LOL.

      Lorries Green World
      Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

      From: Donna <pnwfemale@...>


      I use Neo Basic, so I am not sure how to add a folder in Neo Fully Featured.  But, in Basic, there is an Edit link next to Folders.  When I click on that link, I get taken to a page which has a place where I can enter the name of a new folder, then click Add.  Somebody using Neo Fully Featured can explain how to add a folder in that version.

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