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25400Re: [Y-Mail] New Yahoo Neo FF Mail corrupting embedded URLs

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  • Cindy Cozad-Rudinger
    Aug 5, 2013
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      Chris, just wondering about your example below.

      You had spaces after the slash:
      http://www.meetup.com/londoncycling/ - London Cyclists Meetup Group

      Does it make a difference if you don't put a space in?

      Cindy in Ohio
      Melanie, CD, CGC...Border Collie mix
      Sunfire's MD Cotton BTV Tank, CGC, BN...Labrador Retriever

      From: Chris J Brady <chrisjbrady@...>
      This also means that any URLs embedded in a paragraph of text might also get corrupted. Not good. CJB

      From: Chris J Brady <chrisjbrady@...>
      Just been trying to send some emails to friends with embedded URLs - but Yahoo is corrupting them.



      This is probably OK.

      But if I annotate it by adding " - London Cyclists Meetup Group" after the above URL it turns into:

      http://www.meetup.com/londoncycling/ - London Cyclists Meetup Group

      This corrupted URL of course does not work.

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