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  • Shal Farley
    Aug 1, 2013
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      > Starting mail in a new FF tab usually works. When it doesn't, I close
      > FF, wait awhile and restart. It typically works then. I suspect a
      > server load balancing issue in loading Javascript. It's lovely to be a
      > Beta tester.

      It may also be the data connection between the JavaScript code and the server, that might be more fragile than the code loading itself.

      > It's NOT likely a browser issue (IMHO).

      I didn't ask about the browser thinking that there is a bug ("issue") in any of the browsers, but rather as part of the drill-down to see if we can identify the circumstances that cause problems for some users but not others. That's why I posted the Neo version and server ID as well.

      > The same browser session is also being used to access Gmail & links act normally.

      That may well be true, but it doesn't explain anything: links in message bodies work just fine for me in both Neo and gmail.

      -- Shal
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