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25299Re: [Y-Mail] Advertisments In Mail

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  • Donna
    Jul 22, 2013
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      Yesterday, I had replied to this thread about the advertisements.  The most obnoxious one is the Publishers Clearing House one.  Most of the ads that appear do not cover the menu items on the left side of my browser window.  So, I can easily get back to the inbox.  I have attached a picture of the browser window after I have emptied the spam folder.  The menu items on the left have been taken over by the ad.  So far, none of the other ads that appear do that.  To get back to my inbox, I go up to my Bookmarks then click on Yahoo Mail in the drop down menu. 

      What I'm wondering is why is it that the PCH is the only ad that overtakes more than half of the browser window?  Does anybody else get this particular ad?  I have never bought anything through PCH. 

      Before suggesting that I go back to the Fully Featured version, I have already been there and really do not like it.  Basic is fine for my purposes.  My question is specifically about this one particular ad. 

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