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25271Re: [Y-Mail] Re: New Yahoo Mail Basic - How to select all emails on screen and where is yahoo notes?

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  • Bruce Lund
    Jul 20, 2013
      >>>Why are you opening emails that you don't want to read yet?
      Just because I want to read them doesn't mean they are my most important email or that I should read them NOW.

      I get a lot of email. A lot.. I am a member of a lot of groups (like this one) and also moderate some. Which means that I could have dozens of emails to sort through. As a moderator, I consider it important that I respond to requests for memberships and moderation. But that doesn't mean they should have priority over business emails or one from Ed McMahon. But I know I need to deal with them so I would open them in a new tab while still scrolling down through my messages. If nothing else, it meant that I would not have to wait in front of my computer screen while the email took it's sweet time opening. It would open itself in its own time while I continued to sort through my inbox.

      I liken it to snail mail after I arrive back from vacation. My mailbox (inbox) is stuffed. So I do triage. One stack is what I know I want to see. (Opened in new tab.) One stack is "Not right now. Or maybe never." (Not opened.) The nice thing with Yahoo Mail there is even a third category, "Leisure Reading", starred emails to look at when I get a chance. Could be related to professional learning. Could be an upcoming event that might be of interest. But the point is that it is not necessary for me to open it but I can go back later and look at my starred emails for future reference.

      So, I have gone through the whole stack of emails (mail) in a short amount of time and I have identified all of the emails (mail) that I want to deal with at that seating. But this is the critical part. While I am sorting out the emails (mail) I am dealing with, I can pick and choose the ones that I want to look at right now and "rip open the envelope" (look at that tab right now.) Could be an urgent message from a client. Could be payment information. (Who doesn't open a payment from a known party?) Could be an email from my high school sweetheart.

      The point is that you would NEVER open snail mail in the order in which it is stacked. You do an initial screening to figure out what is there. Ditto for Yahoo mail. To do what you are suggesting would require that I either deal with emails in the order they are in my inbox (mailbox.) Or that I would scroll up and down in my inbox to locate the most pressing ones, open, and then scroll up and down some more, open, and then scroll up and down some more, open, then scroll up and down some more, open, etc., etc., etc..

      Opening in new tabs is an organizational tool. It allows me to set aside those emails (envelopes) that I want to read in this session. And it allowed me to open, read and act on those of critical importance immediately without forcing me to deal with all of the intervening email (envelopes) which might be of interest but not pressing enough for me to grab the letter opener. Your method suggests that all messages are created equally. They are not. Some can be set aside (in a new tab) and be dealt with in 10 minutes, in an hour, or in 3 hours. Some must/should be dealt with on a more timely basis. I shouldn't have to wade through and deal with all of the kinda important email, as you suggest, to get to the ones that are real important.

      Bruce Lund

      From: Sasafrass452 <Sasafrass452@...>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2013 6:54 AM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Re: New Yahoo Mail Basic - How to select all emails on screen and where is yahoo notes?

      A simple solution would be to open each email you want to see, read/reply to it, then close the tab & open the next email you want to see. Why are you opening emails that you don't want to read yet?
      On 07/18/2013 02:16 AM, Bruce Lund wrote:
      >>>What is it about a browser tab that you find so much more useful than tabs within the Yahoo page?
      Yahoo new mail, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

      The difference between tabs in FF and in a Yahoo mail window is the difference between a well designed browser and an ill conceived, forced "upgrade."

      Here is what I used to do in Yahoo Classic. I would open my inbox and scan through my messages, right clicking/opening in new tab any mails of interest. I could continue to scan my inbox opening new emails as those emails would be opening.

      In the Yahoo mail tabs (Why on earth would they not just allow people to use well designed, well evolved browser tabs to open emails instead of creating a substandard version of their own?) when I click on an email, instead of leaving me in the inbox so I can continue to scan down, it automatically takes me to the new tab. I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THE NEW TAB BECAUSE 1) I WANT TO STAY THERE TO SEE WHAT ELSE IS THERE AND 2) I DO NOT WANT TO WAIT UNTIL EMAIL LOADS! Classic allowed emails to open in their own time without me having to wait for them to open. I was in the inbox. by switching to the new Yahoo Mail "tab" (Oh, how I hate even calling it a tab!) It also did not distract me with the email being opened. There may be other, more important emails further along in my inbox. But instead of letting me continue to scan my inbox (and if there is an email I really want/need to read, to go to it on MY schedule, not when Yahoo Mail decides to take me there) it is constantly taking me to emails I am opening, even if they are not the ones I want to read first. So I cannot read the emails in the order I want to read them. I have to read them in the order in which I open them.

      But then, even if I have multiple Yahoo Mail tabs open, if I open a new one and then close it, instead of it moving me to the next tab to the right (or left, if there is none to the right.) it returns me to my inbox. I DON'T WANT TO GO TO MY INBOX JUST BECAUSE I CLOSE AN EMAIL!!!!!!

      If I close tab in FF prematurely or in error, I can recover it effortlessly by clicking history/recently closed tab. Ditto, if FF shuts down unexpectedly, the tab is right there in "restore session." So basically, FF allows me a "go back" to easily retrace my steps. It does it in recently closed tabs. It does it in history. It does it in "restore session." FF reflects a well designed, REAL browser with features meant to make life easier and also to make up for errors.

      On the other hand, Yahoo Mail "tabs" do not function how I want them to and are unforgiving. If I mistakenly close my browser tab, my entire Yahoo session is lost. Whether I had 1 email open or 10, I don't know and I cannot recover what was open without tediously going through my inbox again trying to find any email that had been opened and not addressed.

      Classic had the appropriate functionality built in. Even Basic can do it. And then they try to foist their flagship product on us that does not allow browser tabs? One of my criteria for a functional website is one that allows tabs, and many of the "fanciest" ones fail miserably. (Pages are either images or links are not links at all but just another "view" of the same web address.)

      I would guess that there are some workarounds for some of these issues (as you pointed out) and Yahoo might add some more as time goes by. But this is a case where the functions I want are 1) ones they had already mastered, 2) Used features already available in browsers 3) ones which used keystrokes people already use perhaps hundreds or thousands of times a day. So now, for whatever reason, they decide to create a "browser within a browser" that requires a whole different set up strokes if it can even do what Classic can do at all?

      It is maddening. It is incomprehensible. Apparently, how I used Classic was not universal but it worked perfectly for me. If I designed an email platform, it would pretty much mirror Classic, but without the chat and other fluff.

      Does that answer your question, Shal?

      Bruce Lund

      PS I tried right clicking an email and opening in a new tab and all it did was open a new tab with the same inbox. I could conceivably open a ton of tabs with an inbox and then open individual emails in each tab, but it would be incredibly clumsy. I do thank you for your effort. It really is appreciated. I am just incredibly frustrated that they would take away something that was near perfect and give us something that is virtually worthless for me. Who does that?

      PSS Search is worthless. Classic search could be a challenge at times, but my success with the new search has been almost as bad as Classic was good. It seems to exclude results of incoming emails in 2013. What the ****!

      From: Shal Farley <shal@...>
      To: Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2013 5:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Re: New Yahoo Mail Basic - How to select all emails on screen and where is yahoo notes?


      > Unless you want to open emails in a new browser tab. The feature was
      > available in Classic. It is available in Basic. But inexplicably it is
      > not available in their flagship product.

      I can achieve it in Chrome, using an extra step. Double-click the message in the Inbox (or other folder). That produces a new tab inside Yahoo's interface. Right-click that tab (in the tab area, not elsewhere), select "Open link in new tab". That creates a browser tab with a second instance of Yahoo Mail.

      Certainly not as facile as Ctrl+Tab, or Ctrl+Shift+Tab though. Since Full Featured doesn't seem to use those shortcuts I'm not sure why they couldn't be made to open browser tabs when hovering in a message list.

      Maybe that's something to stick in their "Send Feedback" form (in the gear icon).

      > Whatever other quibbles I might have, this is a deal killer. I can use
      > Basic while giving up some functionality. Or I can use their new and
      > disapproved product and give up what I consider to be the most important
      > tool available.

      What is it about a browser tab that you find so much more useful than tabs within the Yahoo page? Just curious if you could articulate it. If you can that might make your Feedback more compelling.

      -- Shal


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