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25262Re: [Y-Mail] Neo FF Still Deleting Wanted Emails

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  • Shal Farley
    Jul 19, 2013
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      > Yes but the dustbin icon is slow to move - its positioning is
      > dynamic. So sometimes it gets left behind against a non-checked
      > email. Then clicking on 'delete' deletes that email even if it is
      > still wanted.

      I suspect that the behavior of the dustbins over on the right are a red
      herring. That is, they don't represent a state of anything, they are
      immediate action buttons.

      Rather, you seem to be experiencing some kind of disagreement between
      the displayed checkboxes and the selection of messages actually deleted.
      I can't guess whether that's a screen refresh issue or some kind of
      programming bug in the JavaScript of the page, or a failure in the
      communication between the page in the browser and the server-side
      databases or some subtle PEBCAK issue.

      Can you find a recipe that causes the failure reliably, or with the
      highest probability? Also report any other factors that might be
      relevant, such as browser and OS version and even Yahoo Mail version
      (Alt+click the Yahoo! Mail logo in the upper left corner).

      For example, I tried the simple test of checking one message, then using
      Shift+click to extend that to a range of about a dozen messages, then
      Ctrl+click to uncheck one message near the middle of the range. When I
      clicked the delete button at the top the correct thing happened: all but
      the unselected message were deleted.

      Chrome Version 28.0.1500.72 m on WinXP Pro SP3
      Neo Version:
      Build number:
      Build time: Thu Jul 18 16:29:19 PDT 2013

      Hostname: cg45.c6.mail.bf1.yahoo.com

      -- Shal
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